We’ve set out on this, the start of our journey into the big, wide world. Perhaps dangerously idealistic and slightly naive, but really, really happy about it nonetheless.

We shall give this blog a purpose:

This site is to comprise the general repository of our thoughts and observations on life, the universe, everything really. Some of it political, other religious, most of it factual and nearly all of it subjective we shall do our best to impart the perspective two Christians who love God and each other bring to marriage and the world in 2009 and counting. Perspective and point-of-view are, by chance, the simplest gifts freedom has given us, and we shall live in freedom. (John 8:36)


2 responses to “About

  1. Eddy

    I can’t figure out how to follow your blog. No place to sign up. I thought I was pretty savvy but I guess not.

    • theharders

      I’m not too sure. I use Google Reader to follow blogs. reader.google.com. You just have to drop in the link of a website that you want to follow, and it updates in real time all the sites I’m following. Love using it!

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